Overark Community

At Overark, promoting the highest professional standards across all areas of risk management, from risk mitigation and insurance purchasing through to risk financing and strategic decision-making, is a central tenet of our overall commitment to the Housing Association sector.

Through the Overark Community our goal is to create a platform to help identify, validate and promote those principles of best practice that underpin our approach to risk management. By offering a forum for peer-to-peer discussion, we hope that all members of the Housing Association sector can benefit from working to develop a clearer, collective vision of those defining principles of robust and effective risk management.

Chaired by Peter Berring, Founder and Managing Partner of Overark, and supported by our expert consultants Malcolm Wilson, Huw Thomas and David Voller, the Community provides a platform for sharing risk knowledge, experience and insight through online discussion forums and blogs, as well as by providing links to key sector reports, stories and websites.

The Overark Community is set up exclusively as a discussion forum for Housing Associations.

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How our Community members benefit

“By building a community which shares common risk values and promotes best practice at all levels, our aim is to help support the overarching ambition of all Housing Associations, which is to ensure that they deliver the highest standard of service and care to their customers at the right cost”