Our Partners

Our expertise, both in-house and through our key partner network, ranges from claims management and broking support through to risk management and risk modelling capabilities.

Working with leading practitioners in each of these specialist fields we are able to offer Housing Associations access to every component of the risk and insurance equation.


Insurance Providers

Overark’s clients benefit from the financial security provided by the A+ rated Lloyd’s Market. Our panel of insurance and reinsurance providers is composed exclusively of long-standing, market-leading Lloyd’s members which are able to deliver effective and cost-efficient fronting and capacity for exposures beyond the PCC limits and tolerances.


Captive Insurance Company

Overark works with Caucus Intelligent Risk PCC (Caucus), a Guernsey based protected cell company (PCC), entirely focused on risk-led Housing Associations’ self-insurance programmes. Caucus is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.


Captive Management

Caucus Intelligent Risk Financing Limited is managed by ARM, the largest independent captive manager in the jurisdiction. Working with one of the most respected teams in the sector gives our PCC clients the confidence of knowing that every stage in the process, from the initial set-up and submission through to the on-going day-to-day management, is being closely managed by practitioners highly experienced in every aspect of the role. In addition, our global banking partner can provide cash management, treasury and investment services to Caucus cells.


Risk Management

Our network of risk management specialists is composed of some of the most respected practitioners in the sector, with well-established Housing Association credentials. Their broad spectrum risk expertise enables us to deliver enterprise-wide risk management programmes spanning all aspects of the organisation and extending out into the supply chain.


Incident Management

Overark provides a comprehensive range of incident reporting, loss and claims management, subrogation and data analysis services. Our tailor-made implementation and on-boarding process ensures that the specific requirements of each individual Housing Association is met; whatever the cause, nature or cost of the loss.


Insurance Broking

Overark can provide the full spectrum of broking services to its clients through our partnership with a leading independent UK-based Lloyd’s broker. Through this well-established broking channel, Housing Associations are able to transfer those risks which fall outside of the risk remit of their self-insurance strategy into the standard insurance market.


Risk Modelling

Our specialist team tailors insurance cover so it reflects both the market conditions but also the risk profile and claims history of each and every housing association we work with in order to optimise premium costs.

 “Our aim is to be flexible, scaleable, innovative and responsive to our clients’ needs. By working with leading independent practitioners in these specialist fields we offer Housing Associations access to market leading expertise and every component of the risk and insurance equation wherever and whenever they need it”