A Risk-Led Approach

Housing Associations operate in one of the most risk-exposed environments of any sector. From ‘on-the-ground’ dangers such as flood and fire or slips & trips, to supply chain disruption and environmental liability exposures, care and support, through to regulatory compliance and reputational risk, the Risk Register of any Association is a lengthy document.

At Overark, we help you maintain control in such an environment by ensuring that your approach is risk-led. This positions your organisation front and centre of every risk-related decision you make, helping you clarify your risk profile, sharpen your risk perspective, solidify your risk strategy and reinforce your overall risk governance.

Controlling risk in all its forms is a governance imperative for all Housing Associations. Our role is to guarantee that that control extends from maintaining on-site risk capabilities and monitoring loss performance, through to managing risk expenditure and regularly reviewing material threats to your organisation.

Once we have helped establish that level of control, the fundamental risk decision changes from “How much insurance can we buy?” to “How much risk can we take?” – and that is a much more proactive risk position to be in.

This elevates the risk discussion far beyond the parameters of the insurance programme. It encompasses and connects every component of the enterprise-wide risk management strategy. It brings into complete clarity the Total Cost of Risk, from premium spend and risk mitigation expenditure through to business interruption losses and reputation impact. It informs risk retention strategies, focuses insurance purchasing decisions and steers risk mitigation activities.


“At Overark, we help Housing Associations maintain control in such an environment by ensuring that your approach is risk-led”