Why Overark

For any successful Housing Association, maintaining direct control over all functions and assets within your risk remit is paramount, particularly given the high value status it holds in the National Housing Association’s Code of Conduct.

At Overark, we recognise that Housing Associations are under increasing regulatory pressure to prove they are delivering value for money. Our approach delivers a clear cost/benefit analysis across all risk management investment focusing on the total cost of risk management not just insurance tender prices.

At Overark, we help you achieve complete control over all aspects of your business risk profile and by so doing give you the oversight to ensure each component of your risk management strategy is delivering value from that risk capital investment.

With a 100% focus on the social housing sector, we believe that a combination of first class expertise, risk-led tailor-made programmes that create data richness and innovation in all we do will be the key to developing a high quality and sustainable response to the VfM and Governance obligations.

Our specialist risk and insurance advisors partner exclusively with Housing Associations, working collaboratively to build comprehensive risk management foundations based upon the specific risk profile of each individual association. Our approach fuses the multiple benefits of self-insurance and cell companies with close-quarter risk control and mitigation techniques.

The Advantages of the Overark solution

”All delivered by a team of experts with more than 150 years of combined experience in the risk management, insurance and social housing sectors”